Dominique Salogar

Senior Associate

Dominique Salogar is a Senior Associate at Corry Associates and has been a lobbyist on Beacon Hill for a decade.

She works with clients to create strategic plans to advance their lobbying objectives. Using her Public Policy background she develops, crafts and executes campaigns uniquely tailored for each client across a wide array of industries.

As a former NCAA College Basketball Player, Dominique is incredibly driven and competitive, she loves nothing more than providing a good legislative win for Corry Associates clients.

She has achieved major legislative victories and is eager to achieve more.

  • Dominique helped to pass the tanning law, requiring a person be at least 18 years or older to be able to use a tanning bed in Massachusetts.
  • She worked to protect generations to come by going up against Big Tobacco and winning. Massachusetts was the first State in the nation to ban all flavored tobacco products including mint and menthol cigarettes and all flavored vape products.
  • Dominique also worked to help secure the strongest franchise protection law in the country for the Massachusetts Beer Distributors and facilitating market growth for Craft Brewers. As Dominique says, “There is nothing better than executing a victory on behalf of your client. But the thrill doesn’t last long, and then I am aggressively determined for another success.”

Dominique graduated summa cum laude from Suffolk University with a Bachelors Degree in Political Science along with a Masters Degree in Political Science with a concentration in Lobbying, also from Suffolk University. She has maintained relationships with her professors at Suffolk and visits to give seminars. She has also mentored students through the Corry Associates Internship program.

Dominique finds great joy in giving back to her community. She volunteers at the Wednesday Night Supper Club at the Paulist Center on Park Street in Boston. She also teaches religious studies at her local church.

Dominique lives 20 miles north of Boston with her husband, Brett, and their Standard Poodle, Lasha.

Dominique and Lasha fighting for Safe Patient Limits on behalf of the Massachusetts Nurses Association


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