Martin G. Corry, Esq.


Marty Corry is a Boston-based attorney, specializing in Legislative and Administrative Law. He has worked in the field for more than 40 years and is the founder of Corry Associates. His pragmatic approach and thoughtful leadership has been crucial to the firm’s success on Beacon Hill.  

He provides extensive experience at advancing his clients’ initiatives with their legislative and administrative agendas. He sometimes equates his role to that of a “Sherpa Guide” – helping a client on a journey that at first may seem uncertain. But following his counsel leads to success with their agenda and that is why Marty Corry’s account tenure currently exceeds 20 years.  

A few of Marty’s career highlights: 

– Funding for a $70M State-Wide Digital Public Safety Communication System working with the Massachusetts State Police and Motorola

– The passage of the Massachusetts Film Production Tax Credit 

– The passage of the Massachusetts first-in-the-Nation Patient Safety Intensive Care Unit law

Marty earned his law degree from Suffolk University Law School after graduating cum laude with a Bachelors’ Degree in History from Boston College.

Marty is a lifelong Baltimore Oriole Fan and his “happy place” is at Fenway Park at a weekday game with a friend watching the Red Sox.  

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