Bans All Flavored Tobacco Products

In 2019, Massachusetts became the first state to pass legislation banning the sale of all flavored tobacco products. Tobacco-Free-Kids hired Corry Associates to help pass this law which included flavored vaping products, so increasingly sought out by under-age users. In addition flavored smokeless tobacco as well as menthol cigarettes were included in the legislation. Working with the endorsement of the Black and Latino Caucus, The American Cancer Society, The Heart Association, The Lung Association and other anti-smoking advocates, we collaborated with the Massachusetts legislature to pass this new law signed by Governor Charlie Baker on November 27, 2019.

Dominique Salogar, the Corry Associates team lead on this effort said “Truly the greatest accomplishment of my career. The collaboration of all the interested parties – yet still the underdog – comes out on top. Massachusetts continues to lead the nation in first-of-its-kind public policy initiatives is nothing short of exceptional. And I am honored to have played a role in the effort to protect generations to come.”

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