Direct Lobbying

At Corry Associates, we thoroughly review our clients' issues, the political climate and the potential opportunity for strategic partners. Our hands-on approach is essential to the development of a comprehensive and effective lobbying effort.  We identify and arrange introductions and meetings with important elected officials and key decision-makers, develop committee presentations, regularly testify before committees on behalf of our clients, and lobby legislators.

Coalition Building & Grassroots Support

Our experience planning strategies for successful coalition building and grassroots lobbying efforts is unparalleled among Massachusetts lobbying firms. We help clients recognize untapped resources that can be developed into a diverse coalition in support of their public sector initiatives.  Our services include managing letter-writing campaigns and phone contacts directed to elected officials, letters-to-the-editor, newsletters and social media outreach.

Legislative Bill Drafting and Bill Review

More than 7,000 pieces of legislation are introduced annually on Beacon Hill.  At Corry Associates, we review every one of them in order to identify issues that may be of concern to our clients. We then prepare legislative drafts and amendments for our clients and regularly guide bills through the legislative process.

Building Relationships

Developing effective strategies to enhance a client’s presence amongst their elected local and state officials, as well as raising awareness of their issues is a top priority at Corry Associates. These relationships are essential when implementing long-term tactics or when meeting the challenges that arise as a result of less favorable circumstances.

Business Opportunities

Government is the largest buyer of goods and services.  From business and road location, technology and contract procurement opportunities, to complex health care decisions, land usage, historic preservation and environmental issues, to name a few, obtaining required governmental approval from regulatory agencies and developing a working relationship with these agencies is often required.  Corry Associates provides insight to a broad spectrum of issues and an understanding of the political environment that can ensure the successful completion of even the most sensitive or potentially controversial projects.