How We Work

Administrative & Regulatory Work

Some might argue that Massachusetts and California are the two places where social and legislative change first occur in many instances. Corry Associates has helped on two recent significant “first in the nation” client goals:

– On behalf of the American Cancer Society’s “Smoke-Free Kids” Campaign, we helped pass a first in the nation law banning the sale of Flavored Vapes, Flavored Chewing Tobacco, and Menthol Cigarettes- which included Kool, Newport and the like. The Administrative and Regulatory implementation of this new law was a critical component of making it a success.

–  Patient Safety Law: On behalf of the Massachusetts Nurses Association, we helped pass a first-in-the-nation law* to make sure that patients in any Hospital Intensive Care Unit have their own nurse.

* California has a similar law, but it was first passed via regulation.